About Us

Hello, and welcome to MatanaShops, the new marketplace for Jewish gifting worldwide! 

My name is Ahuva Fischer, and I’m so excited to bring this new initiative to you! I’m a wife and mother of four kids, living in Jerusalem, Israel. I have a background in design, computer programming, and Product Management. MatanaShops is a combination of 10 years of experience in these roles.

Our lives are centered around Jewish lifecycle events: births, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, and more. And we are always celebrating the events of others, our family, friends, and neighbors. With this new marketplace, the idea is simple: to make gifting easy and fun! To have one website where you can find all sorts of giftable products, ship it directly to the recipient, and have the gift arrive beautifully wrapped.

Helping businesses make more money.

Small business owners model entrepreneurship, dedication, vision, hard work, and grit. With our marketplace model, you are purchasing directly from Jewish vendors, and supporting their hard work and skill.

Connecting people. 

Our beautiful community is so dispersed. Families and individuals living across the ocean from loved ones. Gifting is a powerful way to show your affection and love from far. 

MatanaShops.com is starting local first: with vendors and shipping within Israel only. Of course, international customers are welcome to browse, shop, and ship to family and friends located in Israel. Later this year, in early 2021, we plan to expand to include international vendors and shipping.

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If you have any questions, you’re always welcome to reach out directly at ahuva@matanashops.com.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting our mission of making gifting easy, fun, and accessible!

Ahuva Fischer

Founder, MatanaShops.com