We deliver everywhere! Fresh items are more limited by their nature, so each item has a list of the cities it can be sent to, under the price. 

We have deliver everywhere including Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Tel Aviv, Netanya, The Galil, and more. 

Here are some edible gift ideas that deliver anywhere in the country [ideas of items that deliver across the country]

You can look up Israeli zip codes here

Each gift lists the estimated delivery time under the shipping tab, which appears under the picture of the product. MatanaShops will do it’s best to deliver it faster whenever possible.

Sure! Balloons, birthday cakes, chocolates and platters can also be delivered on the date you wish to send the gift. Please specify the date in the checkout under the delivery notes. 

Everything on MatanaShops is Kosher Mehadrin. Each gift lists the exact Kashrut under the price.

Sure! you can filter based on different hechsheirim, including Badatz Eidah Hacharaidis 

With the exception of Judaica items, which can be delivered nearly anywhere in the world, MatanaShops delivers exclusively in Israel.

 If your order has not arrived, please reach out to us at support@matanaShops.com with the order number which you received with the confirmation email.  

If you are ordering to a Seminary or Yeshiva, first check with the guard, the office or a staff member. The delivery team is not always allowed into the schools building and if the recipient is not reached the gift will be left with someone reliable.