Meet Our Sellers

Our sellers are the best part of MatanaShops! These are Israeli-based sellers who each specialize in different types of giftable products. They will be receiving, processing, and shipping out your orders. 

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Meet a few of our trusted sellers below:


Princesa Bracelets: Always one to appreciate a beautiful piece of jewellery, Sara believes that every outfit can look elegant and classy – if matched with the right accessories. Add to that a history of upcycling her own jewellery as a teenager, a passion for sophisticated design, and a love for babies, and Princesa was born! Forgetting the fact that she only had sons, Sara was determined to create a brand of better baby accessories at an affordable price. 

Rivka’s Baby Boutique: When my own children were babies, I felt the need for quality baby products. Newborns and toddlers need durable clothing with convenient closures.  Every parent wants to feel confident that, their baby is comfortable. The best way to reach that is using premium quality clothing and accessories that are easy to wash and dry.

And so I began importing Kushies – babywear and accessories from Canada. All of the products are  durable, manufactured with good workmanship, premium material and as convenient as possible closures for comfort.


Chani’s Delectable’s: At  Chani’s Delectable’s  the taste it just as important as the look! Chani uses top quality ingredients, to make sure you get only the best in taste & appearance. She offers a large selection of personalized specialties. her line includes decorated cakes, mousse cakes, miniatures, chocolates, cakes, bars, cookies, fruit platters, vegetables platters, desserts and much more.

Fashionable Fruits: Devora at Fashionable Fruits excels at creating Artisan Fruit Gift Platters. Her passion for fruit art speaks for itself, and will be much appreciated by your loved ones!

Devora provides you with a range of Exquisite Fruit Platters and Arrangements. they are perfect for all your Gifting needs, or just to show your Love. Created with the Best Quality and Finest Produce of Israel, with an amazingly large variety of tasty fruits just like abroad!

CasaBella: When Goldy was looking for the perfect tablecloth to cover her table, She had a hard time finding one that matched all her criteria. Goldy wanted a tablecloth that would match the couch, would add color to the room. She also didn’t want another white  tablecloths like all the ones being sold  in every other store!  She wanted something up-to-date, trendy and fresh.

That is how it all began. You too will be able to find a beautiful full selection of her beautifully designed tablecloths and more.

Fashionable FansIt all started whilst sitting in a coffee shop in Tel Aviv. It was a hot summer day, an i was desperately fanning myself with a menu. “Not very elegant” said my daughter. Hmmm, gotta be a better way to keep cool…. and that’s when my idea for trendy designer hand fans was born.

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