DIY Succos (Succot) Cookies Decorating Kit


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Kashrus: Badatz Ingredients

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A cookie decorating kit. This kit includes everything needed to make a cookie decorating workshop.  This present is sure to be a hit!  (The photos and cookies here are taken at an actual cookie workshop.) Recommended for ages 2 – 99 years. You will be amazed at the works of art you will make.

Kit includes 6 cookies for each partcipant, a sample set of 6 already decorated cookies (so you can see finished product), a box of fondant cutout shapes flowers, hearts and stars in different colors, 3 boxes of different colored icings, 2 piping bags with another 2 colors of icing, toothpicks, disposable spoons and a detailed instruction sheet.

Succot (Succos)  Set (Each participant receives) : one succah cookie, one lulav cookie, one esrog cookie, one flag cookie, one smiley face cookie, one torah cookie


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Badatz Ingredients

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Adults, Kids, Seniors, Teens, Toddler


Any, Female, Male


Bas Mitzva, Birthday, Chanukah, Get well, New Home, Purim, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkos, Upsherin

Amount of Participants

10 Participants, 15 Participants, 20 Participants, 30 Participants, 50 Participants, 6 Participants

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