Unisex Israeli Baby Names and Their Meaning

Looking for an Israeli unisex baby name? Look no longer. Theseare the most popular unisex baby names in Israel as  per https://www.cbs.gov.il/.

  • Ariel
    Ariel is an Israeli name, and is sourced in the Tanach (Bible) is a combination of the words lion and G-d in Hebrew. Lion represents bravery. The name means the Lion of G-d. Ariel is also a name of Jerusalem, and a name for the temple, Beis Hamikdash. 
  • Omer
    The name Omer represents nature. Omer means “a sheaf” referring usually to a sheaf of wheat or other grains. 
  • Noam
    Noam is a trendy name, with a beautiful meaning. It means pleasant in Hebrew. A person that is likeable, charming. 
  • Ori
    The name Ori (or Uri) means light. Parents give this name as an expression of the feeling that their child brought light into their life. Popular for kids who are born on Chanukah 
  •  Daniel
    Daniel is both a biblical name, and an English name.  The source for the name is the prophet Daniel. The meaning of the name is a combination of the words judgement and G-d – D-g has judged me. 
  • Hallel
    The meaning of this pretty name is Gratitude,  usually used in the context of gratitude for G-d

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